Himeji Initiative in Computational
Medical and Health Technology

Research Field
○ Medical Imaging; MR, CT, Ultrasonic
○ Unconstraint Micro Sensing for Biosignals
○ Nursing Information System based on WEB
○ Electromagnetic Environment to Human body:Absorption, Insulating Material of Electromagnetic Wave and Rating System
○ Information System for Medical/Nursing/Elderly Care/Health Care
○ Health Care System
○ Unconstraint Biometric Signal Acquisition/Analysis
○ Biometric Numeral Modeling

Biomedical Analysis Group

Our group aims to develop new biomedical systems, devices, and data processing.

Human Sensing Group

Our group creates a micro sensing device detecting many biometric information using MEMS technique, and reseaches a system which acquires the primary information that it is a non-invasion and worthy of a detailed analysis for human body.


Nursing Application Group

Our group develops an information system for a quality improvement support and remote nursing of the nursing care based on the softcomputing and web information processging.


Human Simulation Group

Our group develops a measurement device for biomertic dynamics such as artificial joint movement and blood flow, and researched visualization, analysis and predictive technique of biometric dynamics using computational simulation.
Health Care System Group

Our group develops a wireless technique to realize a communication system for medical care in a hospital and remoteness, and researches environment measures for electromagnetic wave of the medical equipment.

Human Modeling Group

Our group researches a mind medical department studies support with a modeling of cognitive phenomenon and modeling of the body rhythm abnormality, and medical anslysis and diagnosis support system based on a new computing.

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