Himeji Initiative in Computational
Medical and Health Technology

Since opening of Himeji Initiative in Computation Medical and Health Technology (HI-MED) on April in 2011, we have been engaged in developing the advanced information and communication technology aiding medical treatment, health care and nursing.

Our research fields include the following topics: modeling and simulation of human body, diagnostic imaging of MR or CT, new medical imaging device, surgery support system, health care system and nursing care web systems as clinical applications of information technology.

In addition to engineering faculties, excellent faculties of Human Science and Environment, Nursing Art and Science, Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry, Graduate School of Simulation Studies, and Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology join HI-MED to cope well with issues in medical and health-care systems from different sides.

Our mission is to realize advanced medical care and health care supported by modern information and communication technology so that you will not contract a disease, or so that your Quality of Life will be substantially improved even if you contract a disease.

Director, Prof. Naotake KAMIURA

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