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Electronic Devices and Circuits Course

The Electronic Devices and Circuits Course aims to develop superior engineers and researchers who can contribute to the development of advanced technologies that support a highly information-based society. This course covers the basics of electronics, as well as knowledge and practical skills in electronic devices and circuit systems. Our systematic curriculum enables students to acquire broad basic knowledge as well as specialized knowledge about cutting-edge technologies and practical skills, through such subjects as electronic physics and electronic devices, optical and electromagnetic waves, electronic circuits, and information and communications systems. These knowledge and technologies are applied in manufacturing mobiles phones (see figure below) and other various communication devices, systems and computers. In the fourth year, students conduct graduate research, through which questioning and problem-solving abilities are developed. We provide systematic education and research guidance.

Cutting-edge electronics
(Computers, new media, VLSI)
Electronic physics and Electronic devices
Fundamental electronic physics, physical theory, semiconductor devices, applied electronics
mobiles phones Information and communications systems
Information and communication engineering, radio wave propagation, antennas, Radio Laws and Regulations
Electromagnetic waves and circuit systems
Electromagnetic theory, microwave engineering, electromagnetic waves, electronic circuits, integrated circuits, photonics
VLSI (Very-large-scale integrated circuits)
      VLSI (Very-large-scale integrated circuits)