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Electric Power Systems Course

Electricity is indispensable for our daily lives in modern society. Electrical systems include power generation, transmission, distribution and end-use technologies. The Electric Power Systems Course aims to foster engineers and researchers with expertise in technologies in the electric power and energy fields. In the first and second years, students study fundamental subjects through experiments and seminars, such as electrical circuits, electromagnetics, mathematics for electrical engineering, and information theory. In the third and fourth years, students learn practical techniques in such subjects as electric power generation engineering, electric power conversion engineering, electric power transmission engineering, high-voltage insulation systems, control systems, digital signal processing, and electric materials engineering. In the fourth year, students carry out graduate research, through which they acquire the latest knowledge in their specialized fields.

Generating electricity
Electric power generation engineering; Electric power conversion
Transmitting electricity
Electric power transmission engineering; High-voltage engineering and insulation systems
Using electricity
Automatic control; Electric materials engineering
ElectronicsInformation and communications
Electrical / electronic propertiesSignal processing
Education and research that serve as the foundation for technological development in various fields
Fusion plasma, discharge control technologies and their applications, organic molecular devices, electric/magnetic materials