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Information Systems Course

In the Information Systems Course, we educate students about computer systems, covering topics such as operating systems, programming, computer architecture, and digital circuits. In this course, we also educate on information technologies such as communications, media processing, and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, we educate on graduate research pertaining to students' specific fields to enable them to acquire the practical skills and abilities of high level computer engineers/scientists.

Educational content in the course
Artificial intelligence
Information and knowledge engineering, Biological information processing
IT-related subjects
Computer-communication networks, Image processing and multimedia
Operating systems, data structures and algorithms, seminars in computer programming
Semiconductors, integrated circuits, computer architecture
The program for the Information Systems Course provides the knowledge and skills required for professional work as well as the breadth and perspective essential for engineering leadership in the computer technology field in the future.

Examples of subjects for graduation thesis
Design and programming of parallel machines
Design and programming of parallel machines
3-D medical imaging of the human brain
3-D medical imaging of the human brain