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Academic Calendar (Apr 2009-Mar 2010)

April 6th: New Student Registration Entrance Ceremony
7th: Entrance Ceremony
7th: Current Student Orientation
8th: New Student Orientation
9th: First semester begins
May 18th: Anniversary of the Opening of the University
July 27th-Aug. 7th: First semester examinations
August 8th-: Summer vacation
7th & 10th: Open Campus
September    Summer Vacation
October 1st: Second semester begins
November Oct.31st-Nov.2nd: Campus Festival Campus Festival
13th-15th: Kansai 6 Public Universities Competition
December 25th-: Winter Vacation
January -3rd: Winter Vacation
4th: Classes resume
February 3rd-17th: Second semester examinations
March 24th: Graduate Degree Hooding Ceremony (University of Hyogo) Graduate