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International Exchange

Academic Exchange

As a university aspiring to be open to the world and contributing to regional development, the University of Hyogo considers international academic exchange to be very important in conducting world-class research and education. With the aim of enhancing universality in each academic area through comparison with research by our counterparts and presenting the results of our pioneering work to the world, the University of Hyogo promotes academic exchange with overseas universities.
Such academic exchange includes collaborative research, training and exchange of faculty members for sharing information, holding of symposiums and research presentation sessions, as well as reciprocal exchange of publication and research papers.

Universities and institutes with which the University of Hyogo has concluded academic exchange agreements
1. Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany), 2. University of Bourgogne (France), 3. Jinan University (Guangdong, China), 4. Hainan Normal University (Hainan, China)
5. Soochow University (Jiangsu, China), 6. Dong-A University (Korea), 7. Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), 8. Suranaree University of Technology (Thailand)

9. University of Saskatchewan (Canada), 10. The Evergreen State College (Washington, USA), 11. University of Washington (Washington, USA), 12. The Federal Center of Technological Education of Parana (Brazil), 13. The State University of Londrina (Brazil), 14. Curtin University of Technology (Western Australia, Australia)

International Exchange of Students

Experiencing a different society, economy, culture and life and objectively examining our environment leads us to develop interest in what we have overlooked and to deepen our understanding of what has seemed simple. With the aim of offering such opportunities to students, the University of Hyogo implements student exchange with overseas universities.

Hyogo Prefecture has the following two programs that are unique in the country:
- Hyogo Joint Summer Session at Sea
This program, operated by Hyogo Prefecture and universities in Hyogo, is a 30-day voyage during summer vacation. During the journey, students from member universities attend university lectures on board and visit several countries in the Asia Pacific Region, so as to deepen international understanding and develop friendship regardless of their home university.
- HUMAP (Network Scheme of Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific)
Under the Agreement on the Network Scheme of Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific, member universities in Hyogo Prefecture and the Asia Pacific region implement reciprocal exemption of tuition. In addition, HUMAP defrays expenses for exchange projects.