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Education and Research Objectives

Science and technology have become increasingly sophisticated and complex in recent years. As a result, a narrow, specialized knowledge has become insufficient for designing, operating and controlling equipment and systems, let alone developing technologies.
Also, there has been growing expectation that knowledge gained through basic research in boundary areas will lead to the discovery of new scientific laws and concepts, the formulation of new theories and the development of new basic technologies. Under these circumstances, researchers and engineers possessing comprehensive and interdisciplinary expertise are highly sought after. It is essential to foster human resources with rich creativity who have broad and deep knowledge and skills in scientific and technological fields.
The Graduate School of Engineering has two principal aims. The first is to contribute to academic progress by developing and disseminating scientific and technological knowledge and information acquired through creative, pioneering research. The second is to foster researchers and engineers who have a rich command of basic knowledge and advanced specialized knowledge, as well as broad interdisciplinary understanding.

(1) The doctoral program (first-half) aims to develop human resources who:
have a solid basic knowledge in a wide range of engineering fields as well as highly specialized knowledge in their field of specialization;
have the ability to efficiently investigate and solve problems given;
have the ability to pursue highly professional careers involving the operation, control and design of equipment and systems; and
who possess high ethical values and rich humanity.
(2) The doctoral program (second-half) aims to develop human resources who:
have acquired highly specialized knowledge in their field of specialization, as well as broad knowledge of engineering across a range of disciplines;
have strong problem-identification and solving ability; in other words, the ability to conduct research independently in quest to discover new principles and theories, as well as basic technologies; and
who possess excellent creativity, strong comprehensive abilities, high ethical values and rich humanity.