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Enrollment and Tuition Fees

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Enrollment and Tuition Fees

Category Resident/Non-Resident At Enrollment October Total Amount
Enrollment Fees A (Resident of Hyogo Pref.) 282,000    282,000
B (Non-Resident of Hyogo Pref.) 423,000    423,000
Tuition 267,900 267,900 535,800

Tuition Discount and Exemption Program

We offer the Tuition Discount and Exemption Program to students who have difficulty paying tuition for financial reasons. Those who are eligible for this program include students temporarily in financial distress because of a disaster or because of financial problems incurred by those who are responsible for financing their tuition.

Eligible Students
  1. Students with excellent academic achievements who have difficulty paying tuition for financial reasons
  2. Students who have difficulty paying tuition because their financial supporters are financially distressed due to a natural disaster or other catastrophe
Ineligible Students
  1. Students who have studied at the university for less than 6 months
  2. Students with poor academic achievements or poor learning attitudes
Application Period Mid Jan. for the first semester tuition
Mid Jun. for the second semester tuition
  • Notification of acceptance of applications will be posted on the bulletin board.
  • Discount or exemption applies to the tuition for the current semester only. Students are required to submit a new application each semester if they wish to continue using this program.
  • Students with valid reasons may pay tuition in installments or defer tuition payments.
Required Documents
  • Tuition Discount and Exemption Application
  • Certificate of Registered Items in Resident Registry
  • Proof of Earnings
  • Certificates for special tax deductions (if applicable)