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Synthetic Chemistry and Biochemistry Course

This division aims at fostering technical experts and researchers who can play vital roles in organic synthesis, biotechnology, and related fields. Through experiments and practices, students learn systematically the basic curricula, such as organic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, molecular design engineering, and biochemistry. Students also learn a great deal of specialized knowledge and skills in the fields of high-performance organic materials and biotechnology that will be widely applicable in various fields of the manufacturing industry. For the graduation thesis, under adequate guidance and instructions of the staff in charge, each student devotes him or herself to study on the following subjects: organic materials that have unique optical or electrical properties such as liquid crystals and stimuli-responsive molecules; high-performance molecular devices such as DNA sensors; and application of biocatalysts to bioremediations and biotransformations.

Synthetic Chemistry - Synthesizing unique compounds and creating new functions
Biochemistry - Utilizing inherent functions of biocatalysts
Molecules that can respond to optical or electrical stimuliMolecules that can recognize DNAs or proteins
High-density holography
Functional liquid crystals
Flat panel displays
Materials synthesis and conversion

Molecular devices - Control of molecular functionsBreeding microorganisms for bioremediation - DNA/protein chip
Guidance scene in teaching lab
Guidance scene in teaching lab