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Materials Science Course

This course is committed to developing human resources who can clarify various properties of materials, design and process functional materials, and develop related technologies on the basis of the evaluated results for the various physical and chemical properties of materials. Through this course, we provide students with exercises and training to make them fully acquire physical and chemical properties of materials, technologies for processing materials and other basic knowledge of materials. Receiving these exercises and training, students are educated to be able to perform structural analysis on an atomic scale, control microstructures, design and fabricate various functional materials, and study material properties on a broad scale without staying within the framework of traditional fields of learning.
In this course, students are required to become fully familiar with the basic functions and properties of various materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics and semiconductors, as well as with various design technologies for these materials.

Ion-irradiated high-temperature superconductive material (White dots represent atom positions.)
Recycling-related issues Superconductive and semi-conducting materials New materials development
Surface modification of magnesium alloys Superconductive material being levitated by the Meissner effect High-purity metallic glass materials
Various wood ceramics New type flat panel display MA apparatus and functional nitriding ferrous particles.
Metallography Solid-state physics Mechanical Metallurgy
Analytical Crystallography Functional materials science Solidification Engineering