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Department of Materials Science and Chemistry

The Department of Materials Science and Chemistry aims to produce "materials and chemical engineers for the 21st century" with originality, creativity and global perspective. The Department greatly emphasizes training students in basic disciplines needed for developing materials, such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. In the first and second year, students learn fundamental knowledge and skills in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials and biotechnology, under the well-developed and balanced curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to enable students to take specialized subjects offered by other courses in which they are not participating. We also provide a presentation skills course, as an IT-related subject. From the third year on, the students major in either "Synthetic Chemistry and Biochemistry," "Materials and Energy Technology" or "Materials Science." This enables students to acquire highly specialized knowledge, as well as the ability to identify and resolve problems in each specific field.
Three courses providing knowledge/skills to support the development of new technologies and industry in the 21st century
* Synthetic Chemistry and Biochemistry Course
* Materials and Energy Technology Course
* Materials Science Course
Index of undergraduate program
* Program diagram
Jobs for alumni
* Job list of alumni working in industry and academia

The mission of the MSC department is to
  • Foster education for professional engineers having basic and specialized knowledge in chemistry and materials science with flexible and comprehensive thinking.
  • Prepare students to play active roles in the global community, by developing students' communication skills through language education focusing on presentation skills and technical English.
  • Commit itself to ensuring that students learn not only subjects directly related to material development but also such subjects as economics of industry and industrial ethics, breaking away from the conventional attitude of placing ultimate importance on scientific progress and economic efficiency.