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Mechanical Systems Course

The Mechanical Systems Course aims to develop mechanical engineers who actively seek new possibilities for machines with a frontier spirit. To this end, this course covers everything, from the basics to practical applications of mechatronics (which combines electronics and information technology with mechanics, to create intelligent, human-friendly machines). Robots are machines produced by combining advanced mechatronics and artificial intelligence. To equip students with the ability to utilize the latest technologies including mechatronics, lectures and exercises are given on manufacturing systems engineering, microtechnology, automatic control, robotics and computer engineering, in addition to basic subjects in mechanics.

Seeking new possibilities for machines.
Mechatronics, intelligent technologies
Mechanical elements
Mechanical design
Motion mechanisms
Material processing
A participant in the 2002 Robo-One Competition. Digital control
Signal processing
Information and communication
A participant in the 2002 Robo-One Competition.
It won third place in the Bipedal Walking Robot category.