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Mechanical Engineering Course

Based on the fundamental principles of force, flow and heat, which are essential to investigate and elucidate natural phenomena, the Mechanical Engineering Course covers fundamental subjects regarding machine design, production engineering and control technology, which constitute the core of our modern machine civilization. We aim to foster mechanical engineers with multidisciplinary expertise who can flexibly respond to the needs of the next generation, as leaders in the human engineering field in the 21st century.   
The Mechanical Engineering Course teaches core subjects relevant for all industries, such as material mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, as well as essential training and education for manufacturing, such as machine design, design and drawing, machine shop technology, mechanical dynamics, measurement engineering, heat transfer engineering, and power engineering. Students also carry out graduate research, through which they learn various advanced technologies. Students of the Mechanical Engineering Course learn various specialized and advanced technologies through coursework and graduate research. These technologies are used to manufacture automobiles, which are very familiar to us and essential in our daily lives.

Lightweight but strong body: Material mechanics

High-performance engine: Thermodynamics / Power engineering
Sophisticated style: Fluid mechanics

Comfortable ride: Mechanical dynamics / Measurement engineering/ Control engineering
Machine design / Design and drawing / Machine shop technology
Cutting-edge technologies Human-friendly and environment-friendly machines