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Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering - Pursuing technological development to promote harmonious human living with the natural environment.

The Major of Mechanical and Systems Engineering aims to foster engineers and researchers with rich creativity and strong problem identification and solving abilities who are capable of conducting research independently; from an interdisciplinary perspective that encompasses mechanical engineering, environmental and energy engineering, and mechanical systems. The curriculum is designed to ensure consistency and continuity from specialized courses at the undergraduate level to the graduate level. By strengthening collaboration with industry and outside research institutions, we strive to train professional engineers with knowledge and skills in a wide range of engineering fields who can respond to the needs of society.

Division of Mechanical Engineering
Research and education on topics of leading-edge mechanical engineering (material mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, machine design and machining, etc.), based on a basic knowledge of various mechanical engineering disciplines and logical analysis skills acquired during undergraduate study.
Division of Environmental and Energy Engineering
Research and education in boundary/interdisciplinary areas that encompass mechanical engineering (material mechanics, fluid dynamics, thermal dynamics, etc.) and chemical engineering (reaction engineering, polymer engineering, chemical physics, transport phenomena, etc.).
Division of Mechanical Systems
Research and education on advanced technologies, focusing on basic research for the advancement of mechatronics technology, which integrates mechanical, electrical electronic, measurement, control, and computing engineering.

List of Research Groups