The 14th International Conference on
Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation
and Energy Conversion Applications

Thank you very much for your attending!!

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See you in
PowerMEMS 2015 Boston, USA

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November 18-21, 2014
Awaji Island, Hyogo, JAPAN

Conference Chair
Kazusuke Maenaka, University of Hyogo, Japan

School Chair
Yuji Suzuki, University of Tokyo, Japan

TPC / Local Arrangement Chair
Takayuki Fujita, University of Hyogo, Japan

Conference Location
Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center
1 Yumebutai, Awaji City, Hyogo 656-2306 Japan

Sponsored by:
Pasted Graphic 1The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Untitled Micro-Nano Science & Technology Division

Organized by: