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Nobuyuki Matsui

Nobuyuki Matsui

Division of Computer Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of Hyogo
2167 Shosha, Himeji, 671-2280 Japan.
Tel. +81-792-67-4993
Fax. +81-792-67-4975

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Brief Biography

Nobuyuki Matsui received his B.S. degree in physics from Faculty of Science, Kyoto University in 1975 and completed the doctoral program in nuclear engineering of the graduate school of the same university in 1980. Dr.Eng. After working in Faculty of Science and Technology, Kinki University, he became an associate professor and a professor of the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Himeji Institute of Technology in 1993 and in October 1998 respectively.

Member of the Physical Society of Japan, the Society of Instruments and Control Engineers, System Control Information Society etc.

Current Reserch Area

  • Quantum Neuro Computing
  • Stochastic Resonance Neural Network
  • Cognition System based on Emergent Computing
  • Non-Standard Computation

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