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Scholarship Programs

With the aim of financially supporting students of excellent character with outstanding academic achievements, but who have difficulty paying tuition, organizations such as the Japan Student Services Organization provide scholarships.

List of Scholarship Programs

Scholarship programs for the 2015 Academic Year (including those for graduate school students)
  • Japan Student Services Organization(Category 1)
  • Japan Student Services Organization (Category 2)
  • Kinoshita Kinen Jigyodan
  • Yamamura Scholarship Foundation
  • Funai Scholarship
  • Murao Scholarship Foundation
  • Higashi Osaka City Scholarship
  • Himeji City Federation of Women's Clubs Scholarship
  • Saneyoshi Scholarship Foundation
  • Miyake Masataro Scholarship Foundation
  • Teraura Scholarship Foundation
  • Nikko Kinen Jigyodan
  • Korean Residents in Japan Scholarship
  • Miyazaki Prefecture Scholarship Fund
  • Himeji City Bando Scholarship Foundation
  • Ishikawa Prefecture Scholarship Foundation
  • Okayama Prefecture Scholarship Foundation
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture Scholarship
  • Dentsu Ikueikai
  • Kotsuiji Ikueikai
  • Korean Scholarship Foundation
  • Ashinaga Scholarship Society
  • Fukushima Ikueikai
  • Nakamura Sekizenkai
  • Toyama Prefectural Board of Education
  • Gifu Prefectural Board of Education
  • Fukuoka Prefectural Fund for Education, Culture & Scholarships
  • Maizuru City Board of Education
  • North Korean Residents in Japan Board of Education
  • Niigata Prefectural Board of Education
  • Osaka Shipbuilding Yard Scholarship Foundation
  • TOBE MAKI Scholarship Foundation

Japan Student Services Organization

Category - Category 1 Scholarship (interest-free loan)
- Category 2 Scholarship (interest-bearing loan)
Eligibility - Students with exceptional personality and excellent academic achievements, who have difficulty paying tuition for financial reasons
Receipt of double scholarships - Students can be entitled to both category 1 and 2 scholarships. Students receiving a category 2 scholarship can switch to a category 1 scholarship.
Monthly Loan Amounts - Students planning to receive a category 2 scholarship can select their loan amount from 4 choices.
Scholarship Category Monthly Loan Amounts
Undergraduate Category 1 Student commuting from home: ¥45,000
Student commuting from other than home: ¥51,000
Category 2 Choose ¥30,000, ¥50,000, ¥80,000 or ¥100,000
Graduate Student Category 1 Master Course: ¥88,000
Doctoral Course: ¥122,000
Category 2 Master Course only:
Choose ¥50,000, ¥80,000, ¥100,000 or ¥130,000
Interest Normally up to a 3% annual interest for category 2 scholarships
Loan Period From loan starting month to graduation (up to the standard required course term)
Application Acceptance Period The first application acceptance: From April to May (approximate)

Students who have fallen into financial difficulty may apply for Emergency Acceptance Scheme generally within one year after such situation has arisen.
Remarks - Submission of "Request for Scholarship Continuation"
Students wishing to continue receiving scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization are required to submit "Request for Scholarship Continuation" handed out in December every year within the time limit set by the organization. Students failing to do so will forfeit their scholarship eligibility and the organization will stop providing their scholarships.
- Repayment of Scholarship
Our scholarships are provided in the form of a loan; the recipients of scholarships are required to repay the loan after graduation because the reimbursement will be used as funds for scholarship loans to other students. If the scholarship recipients fall ill, continue studying or have other valid reasons for not being able to repay their loans, they may be granted a moratorium or an exemption upon application.