Campus Life

Campus Life Support Services

Part-Time Job Support

The University aids students wishing to work for tuition in finding part-time jobs such as tutoring.
* A required course term is a very precious time during which students are expected to concentrate on academic studies and to develop their sense of purpose. Therefore, we view spending such valuable time on part-time jobs more or less negatively, and the Student Affairs Office assists only those students who must work in order to continue their study in finding part-time jobs.

University Coop

The university Coop, an autonomous organization financed, operated and used by students, faculty members and school staff, supports campus life. The organization operates cafeterias, coffee shops, bookstores and other facilities at each campus to offer various everyday items and services at low prices.
For more information, please visit this university Coop's website: (in Japanese only)

Student Counseling Service

With the aim of helping keep students in good mental and physical shape throughout their university life, we offer counseling on study, campus life or emotional problems as well as providing first aid to the sick and injured at healthcare facilities at each campus.