School of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Technical innovations involving energy, electronics, computers, etc., are nowadays central to our highly sophisticated information society, which is constantly advancing at a remarkable pace. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science provides education in the areas of electricity, electronics, information, etc., which serve as the backbone of technical innovations. As the pace of technical innovations is ever increasing, it is important that students acquire knowledge of natural science and fundamental knowledge that is based on natural science. In the early stages, students get familiarized with basic knowledge through programs effectively combining experimentation and laboratory training before mastering more advanced and specialized knowledge in respective courses. Students then come to understand the various fascinating aspects involved, develop their ability to think and solve issues independently, and improve their practical capabilities, which all lead to the acquisition of inquiring minds and greater creativity. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science seeks to nurture engineers and researchers who are open-minded and have the ability to conduct pioneering, creative research that can be based on the abilities they have acquired.

Points of Education

  • From Energy to Sate-of-the-art Information Technology
  • Acquisition of a Broad Range of Basic Knowledge and Practical Skills involving Electricity-Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate Education-
  • Fostering Engineers Capable of Working in a Broad Range of Fields

Acquirable Certificates

Teaching Certificates
Class Subject
Class 1 Teaching Certificate for Junior high school Mathematics
Class 1 Teaching Certificate for high school Mathematics
Other National Qualifications, etc.
Qualified as Qualified or useful for taking certification examination
Class 1 Licensed Electrician*
Class 2 Licensed Electrician*
Class 3 Licensed Electrician*
On-The-Ground I-Category On-The-Ground Special Radio Operator
III-Category Special Radio Operator
Fire prevention engineer (Class A)
Quality Control Manager
FE Examination
Electric Work Operation Manager, etc.

*For students in Electrical Engineering Course (work experience required) only

Courses of the Department

  • Electrical Engineering Course
  • Electronics and Computer Science Course