School of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy


Mechanical and material engineering has been the most important foundation for all “manufacturing” activities since the advancement of industry in the 20th century. No industrial production can take place without machines. No manufacturing can take place without materials. There can be no doubt that highly functional new materials made available through material engineering and mechanical engineering based human- and environment-friendly machines will continue to be very much necessary in the prosperity of our futures. Freshmen in the Department acquire fundamental “manufacturing” knowledge through basic engineering subjects that focus on dynamics, and well-designed experiments and laboratory training. Students select in their 2nd year and learn thereafter from specialized courses that best suit their interests and aptitude, namely through either a “Mechanical Engineering Course” or a “Material Engineering Course.” The two specialized courses were designed to enable students to acquire highly specialized knowledge and skills in the respective fields. Our education programs cultivate competent engineers who possess strong problem identification and solving abilities as well as skills accepted in international standards.

Points of Education

  • 幅広い工学基礎科目の修得と実験・実習を充実させたものづくり教育
  • 人に優しく自然と調和できる豊かな感性と柔軟な思考力を持つ技術者の育成
  • 国際的なエンジニアを育成するためのカリキュラム編成

Acquirable Certificates

Teaching Certificates
Class Subject
Class 1 Teaching Certificate for junior high school Mathematics
Class 1 Teaching Certificate for high school Mathematics
Other National Qualifications, etc.
Qualified as Qualified or useful for taking certification examination
Professional Engineer
FE Examination
Safety Officer
Automobile Mechanic
Boiler Engineer
Automatic Control Engineer's Examination
Qualified Energy Manager, etc.

Courses of the Department

  • Mechanical Engineering Course
  • Mechanical Engineering Course