School of Engineering

Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


We aim to nurture engineers and researchers equipped with creativity, originality, and international minds who can contribute to next-generation chemistry and chemical engineering industries. Students during their first year learn general basic subjects, but with a focus on “Introduction to Applied Chemistry” and “Introduction to Chemical Engineering”, and IT-/information-related subjects as well as fundamental knowledge of physics and mathematics, and foreign languages. Students during their 2nd year first select and then study specialized courses, through either the “Applied Chemistry Course” or “Chemical Engineering Course.” The courses are designed to enable students to gradually upgrade their knowledge from basic to professional levels.

Point of Education

  • Fostering Professional Engineers with Flexible but Comprehensive Thinking Processes
  • Preparing Students to Play Active Roles on the Global Stage via the Development of Comunication Skills
  • Providing Students with the Opportunity to Gain Knowledge in Extensive Fields in Nurturing Human Resources That Can Make a Contribution as Global Citizens

Acquirable Certificates

Teaching Certificates
Class Subject
Class 1 Teaching Certificate for junior high school Science
Class 1 Teaching Certificate for high school Science
Other National Qualifications, etc.
Qualified as Qualified or useful for taking certification examination
Person Authorized to Deal with Hazardous and Poisonous Materials Certified Hazardous Materials Engineer (Class A)
Manager in Charge of Pollution Control
Explosives Handling and Safety Engineer
Radiation Protection Supervisor
Operations Chief of Radiography with X-rays, etc.

Courses of the Department

  • Applied Chemistry Course
  • Chemical Engineering Course