Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Electronics and Computer Science

Outline of the Department of Electronics and Computer Science

The field of Electronics and Computer Science covers the wide range of microscopic electrons through to macroscopic devices, systems, and information. It is an engineering field that is essential to our highly-technological society. The field is also very wide ranging, including the development and analysis of electronic materials, devices, and circuits, as well as signal processing systems, communication systems, and image processing systems that incorporate both devices and hardware. The speed of technological innovation in this field is very fast. The Department of Electronics and Computer Science aims to enable students to acquire solid basic academic abilities as well as advanced specialized knowledge in maintaining pace with ever faster progressing engineering technologies.

Electronics and computers are one of the elements that are the key to our highly developed modern society. Cutting-edge science and technology are essential in maintaining prosperity across a broad range of social fields, not only in the electric and electronics fields, but also in the chemistry, machinery, architecture, and science fields. In order to maintain pace with emerging new technologies, researchers and engineers in the field of Electronics and Computer Science need to have a broad range of basic knowledge and also advanced specialized knowledge, along with the ability to apply it across interdisciplinary areas, and the ability to take part in cutting-edge, creative research and development activities. The Department of Electronics and Computer Science was established to nurture researchers and engineers that can fulfill those needs. In order to maintain pace throughout the broad range of disciplines covered by the field of Electronics and Computer Science, including electronic materials, devices, circuits, software and systems, the Department established the research and education fields of “Electronic Materials and Devices,” “Ion Engineering,” “Opto- and Wave Electronics,” “MEMS Applications,” “Communication and Radiowave Applications,” “Intelligence and Computer Science,” “Data Science,” “Wave Particle Computational Science” and “Image Communication” in thereby ensuring the acquisition of solid, basic knowledge and advanced specialized knowledge. The Department provides education and research programs that cover the basics as well as advanced technologies in each of the respective research and education fields. The fields overlap each other, and hence thoroughly cover the wide range of disciplines within the field of Electronics and Computer Science.

A trial part of a small and low-power-consumption wireless module. The module contains highly-functional parts using piezoelectric materials, a high-frequency circuit and wireless system, and a signal processing system. MEMS sensors and advanced information processing systems will also be attached to this module.