Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Outline of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to nurture creative specialized engineers and researchers who can utilize an interdisciplinary perspective across all the Mechanical Engineering disciplines, and independently identify and solve problems and perform research. In improving efficiency of the undergraduate and graduate education system, the Department introduced a six-year integrated educational system (first-half doctoral program), integrating the conventional Mechanical Engineering Division and the Mechanical Systems Division, and enhanced consistency with the Mechanical Engineering Course within the Undergraduate School. In addition, the Department is strengthening relationships with external research institutions through industry-academic collaboration activities, and nurturing advanced specialized engineers who can work within the broad range of engineering fields in a flexible manner and fulfill the needs of society. The disciplines within the Department can be basically divided into dynamics (for example heat, fluids, mechanical dynamics, and control) and design (design, machining, production, and machine materials). In addition to conventional mechanical engineering that is centered on dynamics, the Department also covers interdisciplinary areas that include electrical engineering and computer science, biotechnology and medical technology. The Department thereby provides education and research programs that cover advanced Mechanical Engineering.

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