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Philosophy and Educational Objectives of the School
of Engineering

Philosophy of the School of Engineering

Philosophy of the School of Engineering The School of Engineering, by providing education and research under the concept "Learn to Create," is committed to fostering competent engineers who can truly serve the well-being and safety of humankind. The School is also committed to aiding the progress of culture and industries in Japan and Hyogo Prefecture by developing and disseminating engineering and technological knowledge acquired through creative, pioneering research.
In addition to providing general education courses designed to cultivate higher ethics, the School seeks to deepen cross-cultural understanding and enhance abilities in global communication, giving students highly specialized education and research guidance rooted in the strength of basic engineering education, so as to develop expert engineers and researchers with qualifications and abilities that meet international standards.

Educational Objectives of the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering aims to foster capable engineers who can play leading roles in society and flexibly respond to increasingly complex social environments and rapidly progressing technological innovations. Through general education courses designed to give students a broad range of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, the School seeks to help students cultivate high ethical values, deepen their cross-cultural understanding, enhance their global communication abilities and develop the basic abilities and qualities essential for an active role in the global community. In the specialized education programs, the School offers integrated undergraduate/graduate education, enabling students to receive highly specialized education after mastering broad basic knowledge, as well as basic specialized knowledge of engineering. The School thus seeks to produce highly competent engineers meeting international standards of knowledge and ability.
The School has implemented various student support systems, including the "Pilot Seminar," in which one faculty member is assigned to several freshmen as a "mentor" to provide advice regarding studies, university life and "all-round education." Through the Pilot Seminar, the School seeks to stimulate students' intellectual curiosity and interest in engineering, inspire joy in leaning and motivation to learn actively on their own initiative, from their first year.

The educational objectives of the School of Engineering can be summarized as follows:
  1. To develop human resources with a broad and solid academic foundation who have the ability to think logically, who demonstrate good judgment and who can raise issues and suggest novel ideas.
  2. To develop human resources with high ethical values based on deep understanding of the workings of nature, and human beings within it, and who can contribute to technological development while effectively responding to regional and global environmental issues.
  3. To develop human resources who understand different cultures and have the communication and interpersonal skills to be active on the world stage as well as in local communities.
  4. To develop human resources rich in imagination, originality and creativity by providing students with various educational and support programs including "Pilot Seminar," which gives students opportunities to interact with faculty, designed to cultivate a rich sensibility and a proactive attitude toward learning.