Accepted Full Papers

Listed in order of submission

  • Kenichi Morita: Language recognition by reversible partitioned cellular automata
  • Enrico Formenti, Kevin Perrot and Eric Remila: Computational complexity of the avalanche problem on one dimensional Kadanoff sandpiles
  • Matthew Macauley and Henning Mortveit: Cycle Equivalence of Finite Dynamical Systems Containing Symmetries
  • Jarkko Kari: A universal cellular automaton without sensitive subsystems
  • Jean-Baptiste Yunes and Luidnel Maignan: Generalized FSSP on Hexagonal Tiling: Towards Arbitrary Regular Spaces
  • Ville Salo and Ilkka Torma: Complexity of Conjugacy, Factoring and Embedding for Countable Sofic Shifts of Rank 2
  • Ville Salo and Ilkka Torma: Plane-Walking Automata
  • Katsunobu Imai, Hisamichi Ishizaka and Victor Poupet: 5-State Rotation-Symmetric Number-Conserving Cellular Automata are not Strongly Universal
  • Pablo Moisset de Espanes and Ivan Rapaport: Strict majority bootstrap percolation on augmented tori and random regular graphs
  • Martin Kutrib and Andreas Malcher: Real-Time Reversible One-Way Cellular Automata

Accepted Exploratory Papers

Listed in order of submission (updated on June 14)

  • Yasusi Kanada: Self-organized 3D-printing Patterns Simulated by Cellular Automata
  • Genaro Martinez, Andrew Adamatzky and Harold McIntosh: Mobile self-localizations as a set of regular expression for Rule 54
  • Jan Baetens and Janko Gravner: Introducing Lyapunov profiles of cellular automata
  • Raju Hazari and Sukanta Das: On Number Conservation Property of ECA under alpha-Asynchronous Update
  • Leonardo Alt and Gina M. B. Oliveira: Reversibility of a Nonlinear Hybrid Sensitive Model of Cellular Automata
  • Miroslaw Szaban and Franciszek Seredynski: How to select in an appropriate way rules for cellular automata - based PRNG
  • Pedro de Oliveira and Mauricio Costa: Template Based Representation of Cellular Automata Rules
  • Takao Namiki and Akane Kawaharada: Cumulative distribution of rule 90 and Lebesgue's singlar function
  • Matthew Macauley and Grady Thomas: Analysis and dynamics of bi-threshold functions
  • Witold Bołt, Jan M. Batens and Bernard De Beats: Analysis of stochastic CAs with the use of deterministic rules
  • Junta Matsukidaira and Daisuke Takahashi: Max-min-plus expressions for one-dimensional cellular automata with second order conserved quantities